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  • Hybrid
Runtz is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created by a delicious cross of Zkittlez X Gelato. Named for the iconic candy, Runtz brings on a super delicious fruity flavor with tropical citrus and sour berries galore. The aroma is very similar, although with a sharp spicy pineapple effect that turns slightly pungent. The Runtz high comes roaring in a few minutes after your final toke, first hitting your head with a calming lift before spreading its tingly tendrils throughout the rest of your body. As the Runtz high expands, you’ll begin to feel a deeply calming effect spread through your limbs, leaving you totally sedated and couch-locked, immovable for hours and hours on end before you finally fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. Runtz may help relieve insomnia, chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea and chronic stress or anxiety.

Frequently asked questions

Is Runtz an indica or sativa?
Runtz is a hybrid strain.
What effects does Runtz have?
The Runtz strain has calming, relaxing effects, helping you find that sweet, sweet nap you’ve been searching for since childhood when you ate those candies.
What does Runtz taste like?
Runtz has a super delicious tropical citrus and sour berries flavor true to its candy namesake. It’s tasty and sweet with that sour pucker just like the candy.
How does the Non-Infused Pre-Roll get its flavor?
The non-infused pre-rolls derive their flavor from the unique cannabis-derived terpene profile located within the trichomes of the flower. These terpenes are what give each strain not only its flavor, but also its effects. We only select flower with the most distinctive and potent terpene profiles for our prerolls.



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