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OG Kush is an indica strain that was first cultivated in Florida in the early ‘90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. The result was an indica with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. OG Kush smells like lemon-pine-fuel with an earthy, piney, woody flavor profile. It gives users a mixed head and body effect, and leaves them hungry, sleepy and giggly. OG Kush is often enjoyed in the back half of the day to ease stress. It may help relieve appetite loss, depression, mood swings, nausea, stress, anxiety and pain.


Frequently asked questions

Is Banana Kush indica or sativa?
Banana Kush is an indica strain.
What are the effects of Banana Kush?
This og strain has relaxing, euphoric effects, great for dealing with stress. Banana Kush may also help those dealing with stress or depression.
What does Banana Kush taste like?
Banana Kush tastes like a bushel of fresh, sweet bananas. You’ll feel like you’ve plucked one off the tree and taken a few bites the flavor is so good!
How does the Infused Pre-Roll get its flavor?

Our infused pre-rolls get their flavor from a mix of cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes. Within our flower and kief are cannabis-derived terpene profiles, unique to each strain, that determine not only the strain’s flavor, but its effects as well. We enhance this profile by analyzing the terpenes in the flower with state of the art lab equipment that breaks them down into their individual components and ratios. We then recreate this profile with botanical terpenes in our oil infusions, and infuse that into the flower and papers to enhance the flavor and effect.

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